Season/Day Pass/Ski School Terms and Conditions


Season Pass purchases are subject to your acceptance of our “Exclusion of Liability and Assumption of Risk Notice” which will affect your legal rights, including the right the sue. A Release of Liability Form (waiver), which includes an “Exclusion of Liability and Assumption of Risk Notice” must be read, understood and signed before your pass will be issued.

Please click here and read the notice prior to your purchase and only proceed with your purchase if you understand and agree to the notice and the terms of the waiver.


  1. Season Passes are valid only for the person whose photograph appears on it. Should any other person attempt to use this pass, it will be confiscated without rebate for the remainder of the season and review future Season Pass issuances. In the event of misconduct or non-observation of the Skiers Responsibility Code on the part of the passholder, he/she will be prohibited use of the lifts as determined by management and or Board of Directors.
  2. The holder of this pass assumes all risk of personal injury or loss or damage to property.
  3. There is a $25.00 charge for a replacement pass.
    1. Passholders without their pass may receive a lift ticket on the first occurrence
    2. On additional days, the passholder will be required to purchase a replacement pass.

Lift tickets or Season Passes MUST be visible at all times.

Misconduct or non-observation of the Skiers Responsibility Code

Mount Evergreen Ski and Recreation area is committed to an abuse-free work environment, characterized by respect and tolerance. Acts of violence or harassment committed against any individual(s) affiliated with this organization or the patrons of the facility are considered as unacceptable conduct within the context of the Ontario Health and Safety Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. Any patrons conducting any form of violence, harassment, or other form of unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave the property for a period of time to be determined based on previous offences and the severity of the action committed.

Inappropriate behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Threatening behaviour, such as shaking fists, destroying property, or throwing objects.
  • Verbal or written threats, including any expression of intent to inflict harm.
  • Harassment – any behaviour that demeans, embarrasses, humiliates, annoys, alarms or verbally abuses a person and that is known, or would be generally expected, to be unwelcome. This includes words, gestures, intimidation, bullying, or other inappropriate activities, including electronic communications generally disseminated.
  • Verbal abuse such as swearing, insults, and slurs.
  • Physical attacks.


All Mount Evergreen Ski and Recreation Area Season Passes are eligible for a “No Question Asked” refund prior to November 15 of each ski season. An administration fee of $50.00 applies for each refund.

Refunds after November 15 will be considered for the following reasons:

  • Medical
    • A doctor’s certificate must be presented stating the date of injury, type of injury, and estimated time of recovery before alpine skiing/snowboarding can be resumed. Medical conditions and injuries must restrict the user from skiing/snowboarding for at least 30 consecutive days from the injury date. Pre-existing injuries are NOT covered by the refund option.
  • Employment Transfer
    • The employment transfer must be within the same company. An employer’s letter must be presented stating the location, start date, and length of transfer. The passholder may not have changed employers between the date of the Season Pass purchase and the date of application for refund.

Refunds relating to Season Family Passes will be calculated only on the individual party’s portion of the Season Family Pass. For example, if 1 adult within a family group requests a refund due to illness while the other family members continue skiing for the season.


New Season Passes can be collected from inside the chalet from opening date and on.

Please note that you must complete your signed waiver prior to being issued your Season Pass.